Katy Perry: "I Want Lots Of Children"

Katy Perry: "I Want Lots Of Children"

Katy Perry married Russell Brand only two months ago, but it sounds like the new bride is already thinking about starting a family. And a big one at that.

Absolutely. I don’t want to miss out on any experience. I want lots of children.

'It’s all very possible,' Katy added.

Photos: Fame

Denise Richards & Her Girls: Rainy Day In L.A.

Denise Richards & Her Girls: Rainy Day In L.A.

We're having tons of rain here in L.A., but that didn't stop Denise Richards from taking daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, out for day of shopping and fun. They were spotted getting their craft on at Color Me Mine in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Monday (December 20).

Can I just say how much I love Sam's pink sparkly leggings? Six-year-olds get to wear all the fun clothes.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

Adam Sandler & His Santa Monica Lunch Dates

Dec 21, 2010 by LISA ESTALL
Adam Sandler & His Santa Monica Lunch Dates

Adam Sandler took his daughters Sadie, 4, and Sunny, 2, out for lunch in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (December 20). Fellow actor Jonathan Loughran was also with them.

The girls wore colorful rain gear that brightened up the rainy day.

Photos: Flynet

Nicole Kidman Wishes Connor & Isabella Lived With Her

Nicole Kidman Wishes Connor & Isabella Lived With Her

Nicole Kidman has a happy home life with husband Keith Urban and daughter Sunday Rose, 2-1/2, but says there is something missing. The Rabbit Hole actress says she wishes kids Isabella, 18, and Connor, 15, lived with her. The kids now live with Nicole's ex Tom Cruise, a decision she says she respects.

"They live with Tom, which was their choice. I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?," she says.

Photos: Flynet
  • Nicole Kidman Wants More Kids
  • Isabella & Connor Cruise Take To The Skies
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    Nicole Kidman At The Oscars

Julianna Margulies On Raising Son Kieran: Everything In Moderation

Julianna Margulies On Raising Son Kieran: Everything In Moderation

In the hit series The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, a lawyer who spends her days upholding the law in a courtroom and laying down the law for her philandering politician husband, played by Chris Noth. But in real life the actress is much more willing to bend the rules, especially when it comes to son Kieran, 2.

"Everything in moderation, I believe,’ Julianna says. ‘I let my son watch TV on weekends, but as a child we weren’t allowed to watch TV; we didn’t even have a TV."

Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Think She Sings For A Living


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Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Think She Sings For A Living

Will Gwyneth Paltrow be believable as a country singer in her upcoming film, Country Strong? Well, she already has her kids convinced.

According to the actress Apple, 6, and Moses, 4, think their mom is a famous singer after she spent the last year learning to play the guitar and honing her singing skills for her latest role.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin

Chris O'Donnell Is A Cool Dad... Sometimes

Chris O'Donnell Is A Cool Dad... Sometimes

As a dad-of-five, Chris O'Donnell has picked up a few tips of the trade when it comes to parenting. The NCIS star - who has kids Lily, 11, Chip, 10, Charles, 7, Finley, 4, and Maeve, 3, with his wife Caroline - talks to Hello! Canada about life in his very hectic home, and shares a few words of wisdom with his fellow famous father Matt Damon.

On days - and nights - with 5 kids: "Come home with me, I'll show you. When the key goes in the door, they start running - the dog and everybody! It's a race to get time in with them because they have to get to bed at a decent hour. Our kids are really good sleepers, but if someone wakes in the middle of the night, it's not like, 'Well, I did it last night...' There's no question - Caroline's getting up. I've got to sleep. She's real good about that. You need to let the expert do that. It's hard work - sometimes I think I definitely got the easier job."

Photos: Flynet

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber With Their Sons In Sydney

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber With Their Sons In Sydney

Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber make it a family affair as they head to the park with their sons in Sydney, Austraila on Monday (December 20).

Sasha, 3, and Kai, 2, are growing up so fast!

Photos: Flynet

Sin Halo Takes His First Steps!

Dec 20, 2010 by DESIREE FAWN
Sin Halo Takes His First Steps!

Millionaire Matchmaker couple Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff got an early Christmas present Monday evening (December 20) when their 1-year-old son, Sin Halo, started walking! The proud mama took to Twitter to share her excitement!

Omg I'm crying Sin just took his first steps!!! Best day ever <3

Photos: The Pfaff-Federoff family for exclusive use on CBS
  • Introducing Millionaire Matchmaker Baby: Sin Halo Jude
  • Hank Baskett Jr Takes His 1st Steps!
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    Kendra Wilkinson Is A Happy Mama

Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz's Christmas Cuties

Dec 20, 2010 by JENNY SCHAFER
Jenna Jameson &amp; Tito Ortiz&#039;s Christmas Cuties

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz took their 1 1/2-year-old twin boys, Jesse and Journey, to South Coast Plaza in Los Angeles on Monday (December 20). The family-of four posed with Santa Claus and went for a ride on the merry-go-round.

I really don’t think I need to say, ‘Mommy was a porn star,’” Jenna recently said of explaining her former profession to her sons. “I feel like they’re going to know me and think, Mommy loved us so much that she quit everything and made us her job. And that’s what I did. The moment I decided to have children, I quit. I won’t even do a Maxim cover.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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